Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kids and running

Trail runner recently interviewed me for an article in their upcoming issue. This was a huge honor especially because the Elinor Fish was always a huge fan of mine and is now the editor at Trail Runner. She recently had a little boy and is now training for her first 100k race! Holy cow. Just when I was about to cave and let all the "you're doing too much, slow down, how do you have time for it all" get to me, I get inspired by women like Elinor and others who do the mothering, are brilliant, and are incredible athletes and do it all with ease and grace (something I don't have a lot of).
So my kids are a huge part of my life and just started kindergarten and my goal is to be with them as much as possible before they start grade one. So I've really put a lot of things on hold to make sure they get off on the right foot because those first 6 years are so critical to their development.
This morning was the first time that I might have had to admit to myself that I'm not sure how much longer I can get away with pushing them in the Chariot. Between the two of them they are about 75 pounds which is still pretty light for two four year old girls but when you add in coloring books, sticker books, ipods, water and snacks... well lets just say the flat runs are getting more and more appealing and I don't live in a flat neighborhood. However, coming back from Worlds I have allowed myself a bit of freedom in that I am more willing to stop at parks for a bit and do some plyometrics while the kids play. If 10k takes me two hours, that's ok.
The other day we ran all the way up to the farmers market and back and it was one of the best sundays ever. Got a massive zucchini and had soup and bread from it for a week!
Gotta say though when I got to a big hill and saw a moms with strollers class doing hill repeats, I had to stop my whining.
There are strong women all over the place. And those are just the visible ones.
Way to go moms.

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  1. You sound like a very interesting, capable and driven woman. Good for you. I'm also a mom of twin girls, as well as 4 other kids and just yesterday I competed in my first trail run. I wasn't very well prepared for it, but I'm super glad I had the chance to do it. If anything, I want to instill a love of health and fitness in my own kids, as positively as I can. Sometimes that means doing the tough stuff myself. I'm interested in seeing how this blog develops - I know you are very busy, especially now with the 5 Peaks business, but I hope you will find time to inspire other moms like me through your words and life goals. A few recipes for pre and post run meals would be great too, especially for kids. Keep up the fine work!